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(Once again, this is a feature from Undead Anonymous where Andy, the main protagonist of Breathers, answers your questions.)

This week, AJ Eberly from the land of hotmail asks:

Has there been any talk from Hollywood about turning your memoirs into a feature film? I know I’m just dying to see it. Who do you think could “breathe” unlife into you the best?

Actually, yes.  There has been talk of turning my memoirs into a feature film.  More than just talk.  Fox Searchlight Films, a division of 20th Century Fox, has acquired the film rights to Breathers to be co-produced by Diablo Cody and Mason Novick, with Geoff Latulippe on board to write the screenplay.

They’re pretty cool for a trio of Breathers, though I haven’t met Diablo Cody yet.  Whenever I bring it up, Rita gets upset.  I get the feeling she’s a little jealous.

As for who could “breathe” unlife into me on the silver screen?  I’m sure there are a number of quality Breathers out there I’m leaving off the list, but I don’t get to the movies much since we’re not allowed in movie theaters and my parents didn’t splurge for On-Demand.

Still, I could see Jason Segel or Jake Gyllenhaal playing me.  Anne Hathaway could play Rita, with James Franco as Jerry.  I’d love to see Christopher Walken as Ray.  Or maybe Steve Buscemi, though he could play Carl or Tom.  And I think Bruce Campbell would be great as my dad.

Which makes me wonder, who do YOU think should play me or Rita or Jerry or anyone else in the film version of Breathers?

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  1. Andy i’ve just finished the book and ive got to say when you make humanity look like that being a zombie honestly seems like a step up in some cases well in most cases. About your question as to who would play Rita, Jerry, your self, and all the other characters i was thinkings that maybe Billy Crudup could be put in there some where i cant figure out which character he could play but if nothing else he seems like he might fit as Ian. As for Rita i gotta say i cant see Anne Hathaway playing her, now dont get me wrong its not that shes not attractive or that she cant act its just that when you discribed Rita i pictured her as having one of those classic rare looks undead or not. James Franco as Jerry in my opinon is a great choice so good luck with that and when it comes to your dad i have to say that Bruce Campbell would probaly be the perfect pick. Maybe you could have Susan Sarandon as your mom but thats just an idea you can have fun with. So i guess thast all i have to say for now but thanks for showing me that hollywood really has done a real unjustice to all you zombies and if im lucky when i die ill get back up.

    Comment by Jarrett Sutphin — April 30, 2009 @ 6:43 pm

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