S.G. Browne

The Maiden Poodle: A Fairy Tail

Maiden Poodle Cover_FINALKing Griffen the Great has stolen the throne of Felinia and forced the peasant dogs to work for dirty water and stale dog biscuits. When a call goes out for a revolution, dozens of canines are arrested for treason and thrown into the castle dungeon—including Camille, a black standard poodle with mystical powers.

A band of rebel canines gathers to plot the rescue of their comrades and of the Maiden Poodle, who they believe is their only hope to deliver Felinia from King Griffen’s claws. Comprised of a worrisome beagle, a sassy Scottish terrier, a gruff Saint Bernard, a well-groomed golden retriever, an obedient greyhound, and a clever border collie, the band of rebels is all that remains of the revolution.

In order to pull off their rescue, they’ll need the help of a mind-reading miniature poodle, a wily tabby named Waldo, a local toymaker, and some good old-fashioned magic. But time is short. In the depths of the dungeon, the Maiden Poodle grows weak and the darkness grows stronger. As one of the Guardians of the Light, her existence helps to ensure a balance between the light and the dark. If she’s not rescued in time, darkness will start to spread across the world.

The Maiden Poodle: A Fairy Tail is appropriate for animal-loving children and adults of all ages.

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