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Reader Survey: Fated Discussion Questions

A couple of book clubs who are getting ready to read Fated have asked me if there are any discussion questions for the novel or if any other reading groups have posted questions online. To my knowledge, there’s nothing of the sort. And since it seems a bit self-indulgent to come up with a set of questions of my own, I decided to take a survey in order to compile a list of questions that other book clubs might use.

My plan is to compile a list of 12-15 questions and post them on my blog. Questions can deal with thematic elements, characters, author intent, specific scenes, plot, conflict, motivations, social commentary, or whatever else comes to mind. Those are just examples. You’re in charge.

So if you’ve read Fated and would like to submit a discussion question, please feel free to play along. And if you have more than one question in mind, multiple entries are fine. However, if I end up with a surplus of questions, I’ll narrow it down to a reasonable number.

And just to clarify, these aren’t questions that would be asked of me, necessarily, but questions readers would ask of themselves and of each other about the book while discussing it in a book club.

Survey says!

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