S.G. Browne

Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villains

Dr Sinister's cover


Dr. Jekyll, Professor Moriarty, and Count Dracula are three of the longest tenured and most distinguished residents at Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villains, where obsolete and vanquished evildoers go to live out the rest of their meaningless lives.

It’s hard enough being a diabolical relic, stuck in your outdated version of treachery, all plans of world domination fading in your rear-view magic mirror. When it comes to holding on to their glory days, villains are worse than child actors and high school jocks. And when you have to share cafeteria meals and movie nights with dozens of other washed-up hoodlums, scoundrels, and miscreants such as Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Wicked Witch of the West, conflicts are bound to arise.

It doesn’t help that the modern pop-culture villains like to flaunt their new and improved brand of evil. So when Mr. Blank, the new kid in town, challenges the status quo, insults and threats are bound to fly. As a general rule villains tend to be bad sports. And at Dr. Sinister’s, you never know when someone might turn the swimming pool into a shark pit. Or bring a death ray to Taco Tuesday.

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