S.G. Browne

Remedial English for Reanimated Corpses

Remedial English cover

At Bela Lugosi University, vampires and werewolves rule while zombies most definitely drool.

Welcome to Bela Lugosi U, where zombies, vampires, werewolves, mummies, ogres, ghouls, succubi, and other creatures of the night—and of nightmares—learn how to become better, more well-rounded monsters.

But among their fellow undergrads, zombies are considered outcasts: they’re victims of vampire fraternity pranks, frequent targets of werewolf sprayings, and are always the last ones picked for dodgeball. They’re the unclean and the unwanted. Treated like second-class monsters. Even ogres look down on them.

It’s not easy being a zombie. Just because their hearts have stopped beating doesn’t mean they can’t get their feelings hurt. Or get embarrassed when their body cavity bursts open in the middle of an oral exam.

When they get pushed too far by some vampires from Sigma Beta Nu, a group of undead underclassmen decides they’ve had enough and takes matters into their own decomposing hands.

But first, they need to work on their vocabulary skills.

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