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A is for Agent


That’s the number of agents who passed on Breathers in one way or another before Michelle Brower of Wendy Sherman Associates said “Yes.”  Which was a good thing, because had I hit the century mark in rejections, I was going to need some serious therapy.

This was back in November of 2007, 15 months after I’d sent out the first queries for Breathers.  12 years after I’d submitted my first novel.  18 years after I’d written my first short story when I was living down in Los Angeles and working 60 hours a week doing post-production work for Disney.

It’s a bit of a paradox, really.  When I wrote my first short story titled “The Club” back in 1990, I never thought it would take so long to reach this point.  And yet everything seems to have happened so quickly.

Two months after offering me representation, Michelle had an offer on the table from Broadway Books.  A little over a year later, my book is being published and the film rights are being sold.  Surreal.  Bizarre.  Wonderful.  Pick an adjective.  Any adjective.  Then insert HERE____________________.

Although I can’t say I had a clear cut idea of what I hoped for in an agent, Michelle is everything I could have wanted.  The simple fact that she believed in me when so many others didn’t was enough.  But I can’t imagine finding anyone better to guide me into the publishing world than Michelle.

Okay, put away the hankies and the tissues.  I’m just saying that my agent is a rockstar.

Next entry:  B is for Breathers.  (Big surprise.)

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