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A tweet by a friend about paper and ebooks inspired me to take the traditional game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and put my own spin on it, including ebooks as part of the game. Admittedly, my version is a bit skewed toward paper, but to paraphrase Lesley Gore: “It’s my blog post and I’ll do what I want to.”


Rock beats scissors

Scissors beats paper

Paper beats ebook

Rock beats ebook

Scissors beats ebook

Hammer beats ebook

Baseball bat beats ebook

Golf club beats ebook

Tire iron beats ebook

Water beats ebook

Water beats paper but paper dries out

Fire beats paper

Fire beats ebook, too

Gravity beats ebook

Uncharged battery beats ebook

Prolonged power outage beats ebook

EMP beats ebook

DRM beats ebook

And, of course, paper beats rock

(*Note: EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, while DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. If you don’t know what DRM is, you might be surprised to find out that you don’t own any of those ebooks you bought. You just bought a license for the right to read them.)

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  1. For the afternoon crowd. A new blog post, where I expand on the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Ebook thing: http://t.co/Um6PneZna1

    Comment by s_g_browne — September 24, 2013 @ 11:37 am

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