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Fate vs Destiny Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the Fate vs Destiny contest that ran this past Thursday through Sunday. My apologies to those who didn’t get a chance to enter but fear not, I’ll have another contest for a couple of signed copies of Fated coming up again once I get back from Portland and Seattle.

Technically there weren’t any winners or losers since I wasn’t judging the entries. Instead, there were just two people whose names corresponded to the two numbers drawn from the Random Number Generator.

Congratulations to Helen Letournea and Ray Lawrason for drawing the lucky numbers!

I enjoyed reading all of the responses from everyone and the different ways you played with the idea of Fate vs Destiny. While I can’t include all of the responses, below is a sampling:

Destiny: Tina Fey
Fate: Sarah Palin

Destiny: Danny Boyle
Fate: M. Night Shyamalan

Destiny: New Orleans Saints
Fate: Buffalo Bills

Destiny: M*A*S*H
Fate: AfterMASH

Destiny: Medium Rare Steak
Fate: Haggis

Destiny: the iPhone
Fate: The Sham Wow

Destiny: Elizabeth I
Fate: Anne Boleyn

Destiny: Jesus
Fate: Zeus

Destiny: hand-written letter filled with emotion
Fate: text message filled with emoticons

Destiny: America Unites behind Gulf Shore Clean up
Fate: Jersey Shore continues to pollute airways from coast to coast

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