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Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat

Okay, so here I at at the Haunted Mansion, sitting on a soft couch with down pillows in a room that’s at least twice the size of my apartment in San Francisco. I could park three cars in here and still have enough space to stage Jesus Christ Superstar.

Picture windows as big as Napoleon Bonaparte’s ego are filled with evergreens, in front of which sits a couch where Kim Richards and Dan Weidman relax and drink wine and tap out their own thoughts on laptops. Loren Rhoads sits on one side of them on a love seat that’s as soft as the Pillsbury Dough Boy wrapped in velvet and Chris Colvin sits in one of the straight back chairs that’s reserved for those who have misbehaved.

To my right, Weston Ochse talks to Sephora Giron and Eunice Magill about teaching writers how to write and Yvonne Navarro walks in to tell us dinner is ready while Rain Graves takes a picture of all of us.

This is how the Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat weekend begins.

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