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Praise iPods and Laptops

So there’s a new garage going in across the street from my apartment.  Which is apparently going to take from now until sometime next April to complete.  I’m not sure how long this phase of the construction is going to last, but they’re using jackhammers.


Typically, the jackhammering starts at about 8:00am.  I write from 7:00am-10:00am before heading off to my day job.  Now, while most writers I know seem to be able to take their laptops to cafes to drink coffee and pump out a few pages, I don’t go to cafes.  One, I find them distracting.  I prefer to write in the space I’ve created at home.  Plus until two months ago, I didn’t own a laptop.  Wrote longhand in a journal.  I was old school that way.

The other reason I don’t hang out in cafes is that I don’t drink coffee.  Just was never my thing.  And since there aren’t any bars open around me at 8:00am, I’m stuck in my apartment listening to the jackhammering and wondering how much trouble I could get in if I took an axe to the pneumatic hose or took a bat to the compressor.

So instead of going to jail or getting hit with a hefty fine or lawsuit, I grab my iPod, put on some Mozart, and crank up the volume until I drown out the jackhammering.  I write best to Mozart.  No lyrics.  And there’s something about his compositions that inspire me more so than Bach or Beethoven or Tchaikovsky.  And with my laptop, although I can’t get away from the noise, I can find a space in my apartment a little further removed from the noise.

So hallelujah for technology.  Praise Apple and praise Dell.  And if it could start raining soon so the jackhammering could stop, that would be cool, too.

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