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And Now A Word About Breathers…

People always ask me, “So what’s your book about?”

And I say, “It’s a dark, existential comedy.  A social satire.  About zombies.”

That’s usually when they just stare at me.  Or laugh.  Or say, “Really?”

These are people I meet at parties.  People I know from my job.  People who have known me for years.


Yes.  Really.  I’ve written a novel about zombies.  I know what happens to the human body when it decomposes.   I know that after three weeks, the internal organs turn to chicken soup.  I know what when maggots feast on the subcutaneous fat of a bloated corpse, it sounds like Rice Krispies.

These are the thoughts that go through my head when I’m making dinner.  Or when I’m baking home made treats for my co-workers.

So if you don’t like zombies, or if you’ve never given them much thought, I invite you to consider what it’s like to be one of the walking undead.  After all, eventually we’re all going to die.  But only a few of us will be unfortunate enough to have to deal with the emotional fallout of a rapidly digesting pancreas.

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