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New York City

So I’m off to New York tomorrow to do some research for the novel I just completed and to meet my agent, Michelle Brower of Wendy Sherman Associates, and my editor, Laura Swerdloff of Broadway Books.

To be honest, I still find this whole “getting my book published” a bit surreal.  Imagine something you’ve been working toward for most of your adult life, 18 years of it, anyway, and then suddenly, you’re flying to New York to meet your agent and editor.

Suddenly is obviously a relative term.  After all, human beings didn’t suddenly appear on the planet (unless, of course, you live in Kansas) and corpses don’t suddenly decompose.  But when you’ve been writing for 18 years and you’ve spent 15 months looking for an agent and you’ve got 82 responses saying “Thanks but no thanks” and then the 83rd tells you she loves your book in November and two months later you’re offered a contract by an imprint of Random House, then suddenly becomes appropriate.

Before I know it, my novel is suddenly going to be in bookstores.  Bizarre.

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