S.G. Browne

The Maiden Poodle – Chapter 1

Maiden Poodle Cover_FINALOnce upon a time, in a faraway land secluded by towering cliffs and The Great Sea, existed the ancient kingdom of Felinia.

Felinia was a beautiful land, filled with fields of purple heather and natural gardens of roses and irises and tulips that captured every color of the rainbow. And throughout Felinia, ancient redwoods grew among great sprawling oaks and majestic maples—the leaves of which burned each October with the colors of autumn.

The inhabitants of Felinia were felines and canines of all breeds—the cats, naturally, filling the role of nobility, while the dogs led simple lives as peasants and farmers. It was a comfortable arrangement enjoyed by all, taken advantage of by none, with both the nobles and the peasants co-existing peacefully for generations.

However, after the passing of the Queen of Felinia, the regal Lilith the Just, the rule of the kingdom fell into the paws of her eldest heir: the despot and self-proclaimed King Griffen the Great.

Under King Griffen’s rule, Felinia became a land divided between the nobles and the peasants, the rich and the poor. Soon after King Griffen took the throne, the land that had belonged to the peasants was given to the barons—the peasants turned into servants and forced to work the land for dirty water and stale dog biscuits.

Out of the poor conditions that had fallen upon the canines, an uprising took seed and began to root, swiftly turning into a call to arms, a call for a revolution. Upon hearing of this revolt, King Griffen sent his guards into the village, where more than two-dozen terriers, retrievers, hounds, spaniels, shepherds, and every dog ¬suspected of treason was arrested and thrown into the castle dungeon.

Among those captured was a foreigner, a black standard poodle named Camille, who hailed from the enchanted land of Watonia and who was rumored to possess mystical powers that could help deliver the canines from the claws of the evil King Griffen. But with the Maiden Poodle locked up in the castle dungeon, the peasants of Felinia gave up their hope of a revolution and resigned themselves to a life of despair.

This is where our story begins.

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