S.G. Browne


Lucky Bastard - trade paperbackNick Monday – The titular hero, Nick was born with the ability to steal luck. Currently runs his own private detective business in San Francisco. Has a thing for Lucky Charms, Mentos, cappuccinos, mochas, and corporate coffeehouse baristas. Friends with Bow Wow. Estranged brother of Mandy. He’s also a breast man.

Tuesday Knight – Femme fatale #1. Daughter of Gordon Knight, the mayor of San Francisco, who had his luck poached by Nick. Curvy and leggy brunette who is Nick’s type, she looks like she just walked off a 1950s Hollywood film set.

Bow Wow / Doug – A twenty-one-year-old white kid who fancies himself a gangsta rapper. He’s vernacular challenged and needs a wardrobe makeover, but he’s a good kid with a big heart and is loyal to Nick. Superstitious, he carries around a good luck charm given to him by his father.

Tommy Wong – One of Nick’s antagonists, Tommy is the head of the Chinese Mafia who is buying up all the good luck on the black market to make himself impervious to the local police and the feds. Starts hiring luck poachers to do his dirty work. He kidnaps and blackmails Nick into working for him to poach luck.

Barry Manilow – Another of Nick’s antagonists, Barry works for some unnamed branch of the federal government. Uses Nick’s sister, Mandy, as insurance to coerce Nick into working for him to deliver bad luck to Tommy Wong. He’s not really Barry Manilow but just looks like him.

Scooter Girl – Femme fatale #2. A mysterious girl-next-door luck poacher who Nick is attracted to and who rides around San Francisco on a scooter and never gives Nick her name.

Mandy – Nick’s estranged sister who also has the ability to poach luck but who gave up the lifestyle to get married and raise a family and lead a normal life. Nick has always disappointed her.

Jimmy Saltzman – A ten-year-old kid who was born with the purest luck Nick has ever encountered. He is both Nick’s greatest temptation and potential salvation.

Alex the Vegan Douche Bag – Chauffeur who drives Nick around to poach luck for Tommy Wong. Alex is a vegan. And a douche bag.

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