S.G. Browne



“A social-satire-meets-amateur-superhero saga that deftly skewers the money-grubbing slickness of the pharmaceutical industry…This is a funny, inventive exploration of the dangers inherent in our overmedicated culture.”
Kirkus Reviews

“It’s fair to say that you’ve never read a superhero story quite like this one; it’s also fair to say that readers who enjoy good, weird fun will love it…hugely entertaining.”

“Wittily and winningly mixes commentary on the state of the pharmaceutical industry (and American healthcare in general) with a tale of C-level superheroes…While Browne’s novel has the trappings of a superhero story, it works equally as a critique of a broken and corrupt pharmaceutical industry, one in which medicines often exacerbate the problems they’re designed to cure while introducing new ones.”
Publishers Weekly

“Takes readers on a dark, comic ride through the world of pharmaceutical drug trials…Satire comes naturally to Browne. So does the supernatural…Those literary preoccupations come together nicely in Less Than Hero.”
San Jose Mercury News

“Browne proves to be a topnotch superhero storyteller by rooting the more ridiculous aspects of the story in a very believable, grounded build-up and crafting some genuinely exciting action sequences…Less Than Hero melds the fantastic and the mundane and makes it all mesh. It’s great fun.”
Manhattan Book Review

“A fun new look at the superhero genre inspired by ridiculous drug side effects, human pharmaceutical testers and outcast superheroes.”

“Browne has been releasing consistently entertaining novels for some time now, and this one is no different!…Perfect for fans of Tom Holt and Tim Dorsey. And people who like fun.”
Book Riot

“Satire with heart…Less Than Hero is a whole different kind of origin story. It’s black humor at its best and it will hook you before you even finish chapter one.”

“S.G. Browne is No LESS THAN HERO…His conversational tone, wit, and satire are a rare find on today’s literary landscape…Less Than Hero is a fun satire worthy of wide attention.”
Slush Pile Heroes

“Gets you hooked right away!…LESS THAN HERO by S.G. Browne is one novel that will keep you amused through to the very end.”
Fresh Fiction

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